Our Causes

Camel Institutions Excellence Programme

Camel Institutions Excellence Programme ( CIEP initiative )

We work towards establishing institutions of excellence including schools, pre university college and degree colleges with state of the art libraries and sports facility.

These institutions aim to provide services to the local community irrespective
of religion, caste or ethnicity.

With 5.5-acres of prime land in Northern Karnataka (Dharwad) for setting up a world-class high school (CBSE) and degree college.

We plan to set up a deemed university, professional institutes of learning, and modern residential hostels throughout India.

Camel All Round Education centres ( CARE initiative )

A Residential Hostel is a facility that provides safe shelter and all resources
for an all round education under one roof for children who would like to
pursue education to become responsible and respectable citizens within a
society. These children would otherwise would be deprived of such provisions
due to poverty, broken families , lack of educative atmosphere at home etc.



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